Gratitude for Friendship

Have you ever had a friend with whom you share a bond so deep that you can feel it when the person wants to talk to you?  I have such a friend and yesterday she had surgery for cancer.  She was on my Prafile00071829345yer Warrior friend’s prayer list and she was certainly on mine, though I’m not sure how open that channel is.  I send up my gratitude for all that I have, and my “This Could Use Your Attention if You Have Time” list.  God does what God does with that list.  I suspect there’s a celestial wastebasket with my name on it somewhere.  Yesterday he didn’t toss my request in the bin, and for that I am extremely grateful.

Today I wasn’t sure how long to wait until I called her.  Not too early; let her sleep.  Not during doctor rounds.   Not during lunch; can she eat?  Around noon I was antsy and decided to call her…but I couldn’t find my Bluetooth.  When I had my coffee, some cereal, my laptop and my phone all together, I picked up the phone to dial out.  The Missed Call icon was on the screen and it was my friend calling to say that she was on her way home.  Everything was fine and she was good to go.

It is rare that communication with other people is so direct.  I treasure our conversations and the hope that they always bring me.  I feel heard and seen.  She acts as an amplifier for any psychic ability I possess.  When we talk, I can feel more strongly the presence of people who have passed, their emotions and desires.  Both my friend and I have had a wealth of these experiences individually, but put us together and it’s Ghost Central.  Maybe we should open an office.  This is unlikely to happen since we live 250 miles apart, and both of us have life partners who like where they are and have no interest in moving.  So we do what we do over the telephone.  As my sweetie would say, “It is what it is.”  For that, and for so much more, I am grateful.

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