Enter The Cat


In the warm darkness of Madeleine’s guest bedroom, Cosmo was tiring of the catnip mouse. He had chased it around the room and under the bed, batted it up in the air and rubbed it against his muzzle and whiskers to get the full sensory effect of the catnip. He had inspected every surface of the room and thoroughly snuffled all the shoes in the closet. Now it was time for his treat, but Cody had not come back.

Cosmo tucked a striped paw under the door to see if the door would open. It rattled a little but did not give way. He scratched at the door lightly and then put both paws up on the door, arching his full back. He could get the paws up to the knob, but to no avail. He sat back on his haunches and thumped his tail.

Similar noises were rising from the floor below. Something scratch-scratch-scratched, and then there was a tinkling noise. The tabby waited for the sound of a metal lid being peeled from a can. There was no such noise. Instead there was a loud bump followed by a human grunt. All this noise and no treat. Cosmo began to yowl.

Excerpt from The Spin


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